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Anja Weinert – Business Process Consulting
Phone: +49 (0) 40. 694 65 370
Mobile: +49 (0) 162. 132 71 72

Saving Costs and Time

Fast working and processing time, elimination of duplication work
More customers, less complaints
Fluctuation decreases
Decisions can be made faster

Satisfied Customers

Fast and timely processing
Better quality
Friendly and motivated service

Motivated Staff

More involved in the process design
Better understanding of the process
Clearly defined responsibilities
Excellent process descriptions/process manuals

Better Cooperation

Common understanding of business processes and activities of other internal departments
Clearly defined responsibilities and contact person

Quality Improvement

Low error rate
Faster and timely processing

High Degree of Transparency

Process know-how throughout the company
Keeping the big picture in view
Documentation and process descriptions are centrally available
A uniform language

Process know-how constitutes the basis for continues process improvement!

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