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Anja Weinert – Business Process Consulting
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Is your business ready to grow?

In times of globalisation and rapid change, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to develop new business ideas, areas, products, distribution channels or expand into new markets. I am pleased to advise and support you in the different phases of your business development projects.

To evaluate a new business idea or product, especially the SWOT analysis is an appropriate tool. For this purpose, strength and weaknesses (internal factors from company´s perspective) will be considered, as well as opportunities and risks (external factors from the market point of view).

Another important aspect is the development of a concept. It should focus on the following key aspects: objective and purpose of the business idea, market analysis, potential target groups, marketing and sales activities, communication channels, customer’s needs. Finally a concept provides clarity and transparency. When the concept is completed, the next steps will be taken such as detailed project planning as well as the integration of external service providers and other project participants. This process should be supported by a professional Project Management.

Benefit from my experiences in Project Management, retail know-how, analytic skills, high level of cost awareness and a degree in international business studies with the emphasis on marketing, tourism and intercultural management.

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