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The Challenge of Business Process Management

In the daily business many problems occur. Time and cost pressure result in poor quality, dissatisfied employees or staff fluctuation lead to low performance. Problems with suppliers can prevent an efficient work routine. An independent business process management finds weak points and develops solutions to optimise companies’ procedures. No matter if it concerns purchasing, personal, sales or financial departments.

First Step: Process Analysis

A detailed analysis of the as-is-process is performed by carrying out interviews with all of the relevant departments. It is also possible to accompany employees in their daily work. Processes are documented, information flow and communication flow are screened and responsibilities are clarified. The as-is-processes are visualised in flowchart by Visio or PowerPoint.

An Example from the Practice:
Sales Process

Possible Consequences:
Delayed payment, discounts will be lost
Default charges are due
Increased time exposure because of additional communication
Dissatisfied suppliers

Possible Optimisation Measures:
Implement rules for representatives
Agreement with all suppliers: send invoices to the accounting department

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